’s Attention to Fake News’s unique position as a condensed, locally focused version of the Boston Globe, allows the publication to choose only specific articles and information to share with their audience. In regards to Trump’s claim of the media’s ‘fake news,’ has continued to share the Globe’s various assertions on the topic, as well as brief articles of their own.

I’ve noticed’s style of content is usually published in a series of short updates or limited-sized articles. In addressing ‘fake news,’ they seem to follow those same trends, but while brief, their coverage has been consistent. The topic, for the most part, only pops up within updates on Trump’s newest inflammatory tweets, or news-coverage of other presidential activity.

Other attention to ‘fake news’ included a post during the election process titled “How to Spot Fake News!” held in’s Event page content usually fills a good portion of the home page, so holding the event during Trump’s campaign may have been in an effort to present New Englander’s with methods of obtaining the truth. The event’s description said the presenters would discuss how to identify and consider fake news and whether it’s claimed appearance in media is legitimate.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 3.08.08 PM.png’s website also includes a “Trending on the Globe” section, which allows readers to access the Globe’s more lengthy analyses of any articles relating to ‘fake news’.

I think considering the style and content typical of, their limited objective coverage of ‘fake news’ is expected. Their publication focuses much more heavily with providing their readers with local news and event information, and discussing Trump’s assertions of the media is left mostly to their parent publication, the Globe.






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